i'm backkkkk... (let's catch up!)

Wow, that was not the plan.  You know, to start a blog and business back up and then only last for a few months before disappearing again!  I sort of have good reason, maybe.  Baby girl Jones #2 is on her way.  We are just over three months from meeting her and so so grateful to be adding to our family and experiencing this again.  

However, as I look at my days and what I love to do it is still to raise my babies and style homes and closets. So, I feel it only makes sense for me to do my best to keep up with this corner of my world and keep on keeping' on. 

Follow along on bloglovin' as I am planning on popping in with some kitchen designs from my latest project, nursery plans, fall shopping, maternity style tips and a few house updates.   I also just updated v+r picks for fall!