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+ Tips on decorating your first home! 

+ It is safe to say I love everything studio mcgee does!

+ I more or less follow a "capsule wardrobe".  I buy a handful of key pieces that can be worn lots of different ways. I think out my purchases for often way too long before I purchase. I have found this method building a wardrobe very freeing for me. I plan on doing a post on my spring wardrobe additions, until then here are some minimalist reads: un-fancy and effortless chic.  

+ I loved gone girl and keep hearing the girl on a train is equally as good.  Have you read it? I am going to download it this weekend! 

+ I always have my eyes peeled for good sneaks. I love these in bone and black/navy. 

+ I am a loeffler randall fan.  I have been eyeing some of their fun sandals on Piperlime (bound to go on sale with their closing!) These, these and these

+ spring forward this weekend , I am personally excited for an extra hour a daylight for my evening runs!