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I wasn't planning on being so MIA this week. Part of starting this thing back was promising myself that I wouldn't post just to post. But, these little Friday round ups are a favorite of mine. 

+ Design rules you should follow, these are great! 

+ How to dress your age according to J. Crew. 

+ I added a new page to the site.  I will keep it up to date with my picks for you and your home! 

+ This week made me really excited for summertime with my girl.  Her excitement when I took her to the beach for the day was so fun to watch! 

+ 10 best rattan armchairs

+ One of my favorite Charleston shops on instagram, a favorite follow.

+ OP at fashion week, she always looks so good! 

+ I could eat brussel sprouts every day! No fail recipe: halve or quarter your sprouts, spread them out in a cast iron skillet, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, fresh garlic. Stick them in the oven for 45-60 minutes on 400. Broil at the end for desired crispiness. I am telling you, they are like candy.